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We at Flavor Fitness have a dedication to Fitness. Our instructors are certified professionals who share a passion for the best small group fitness and exercise training systems in the world. We also care and respect each member’s personal desire and strive to lead the community in a healthy lifestyle.

Take Life On with Flavor Fitness!

We have a number of different fitness classes, all taught at multi-levels. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a hardcore athlete, our formats are sure to make you sweat & will get you results, fast! We also offer one on one personal training. Contact us to schedule a FREE initial consultation today.

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JOIN US in a PiYo Strength Live Class this week: M/W/F @ 11am, Wed @ 645pm & Sun @ 915am

JOIN US for R.I.P.P.E.D. Wed. @ 1145am & Sat. @ 8am


BB_PUMP_logo17_whiteBkgdExperience the original barbell workout, LesMills BodyPump!  It is a total body workout designed to get you in shape & fast!  Perform 800+ repetitions in this class to make long & lean muscles.  We start with a warm-up, squats, chest, back, tri-ceps, bi-ceps abs & end w/a well deserved stretch.  We also offer a 45 min. class on Tues. @ 1145am & Thurs. @ 535pm;  600 awesome tracks to get you fitter faster!   BODYPUMP is the best personal training class… results are guaranteed.

Elevate Your Fitness Party! Take lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights with Zumba Step. Tone and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics. Get maximum results without losing the easy-to-follow fitness-party.

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Make your body your machine.  TRX Suspension Training was initially developed by a Navy SEAL.  The miltary does TRX as a form of physical therapy today.  Comprised of two nylon straps w/rubber handles that attach to a multi-mount, it is a limitless workout.  The straps are portable, so that if you want to get a quick workout in at home or during your travels, you may simply toss it over a door & you are ready to workout.  There are over 200 exercises using your body weight.  By suspending part of your body and altering the angles, you can easily adjust the difficulty to work for you!  It’s very versitile and an ideal form of fitness for ALL AGES and ALL FITNESS LEVELS.  TRX Suspension Training will be the part of you that leaps over excuses, side steps injuries, adapts to obstacles & barrels full speed towards your goal.




Beachbody’s PiYo Strength is a unique format that combines Pilates, Yoga, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance.  PiYo Strength is an uptempo, non-spiritual approach to mind/body exercise. An ideal format for beginners to advanced group exercise classes, PiYo Strength offers beginning modifications and advanced options to suit you.  Come flow to awesome current tunes, increase your balance & functional fitness & lengthen & strengthen your muscles at the same time!



Insanity is a challenging cardiovascular fitness program.  Your instructor will push you past your limits with both high & low impact options.  FFGX is the first group fitness studio in the 505 to bring you this NEW & challenging group exercise format!  Packed with plyometric drills, on top of non-stop intervals of strength, power, resistance & core training, you are guaranteed results.  Classes are 30, 40 or 50 minutes in duration.  Dig deep and start off with a 30 min Express class today.  Almost anyone can do INSANITY.  Low impact options are always shown and you move at your own pace – allowing you to set reasonable goals. NEW ROUND#5 INSANITY:  Running NOW on Thurs. evenings for 30 minutes from 5:30-7pm & on M/W for 40 minutes from 10:05-10:45am.  Dig Deeper with this tough fun 50 minutes cardiovascular group class taught at multi-levels.


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A dynamic cardio, strength and flexibility training class; Bootcamp is designed to give you a total body workout in one hour.  We use a combination of weights, resistance bands, and heart-pumping cardio moves to challenge your body, tone and sculpt your muscles, build endurance, and help you meet your fitness goals.  The exercises are designed to be effective, not complicated, and all fitness levels are welcome.  Whether you’re new to exercise or have years of experience, you’ll love this format and the results! Get into BootCamp Today!

Turbokick Classes at Flavor Fitness

Beachbody’s Turbo Kick is the revolutionary group exercise class that includes kickboxing with a taste hip hop & dance movements. It is also inspired by Tae kwon Do, Boxing, Tai-chi & funk… hot music, great combo’s & lots of fun!  The formats’ signature high intensity cardio track is called “TURBO” and can be modified.

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